The membership committee is a group made up of UUCC members who work to greet visitors and educate them about Unitarian Universalism and this congregation. The membership committee helps visitors and friends determine when/if the time is right to formally join the UUCC. This committee celebrates new members and help them by offering activities to make connections with the congregation. A visitor information Orientation is offered on the 3rd Sunday of odd months after service.

Membership Chair
See you on Sunday! Keitha Whitaker, Membership Chair

Until further notice, the Membership Committee will meet online on the last Monday of each month. Contact for more information.

For more information, please contact the Membership Chair

Bylaws for the Membership Committee–

The Membership Committee shall consist of a Chair and five or more Members of the Congregation. The Membership Committee shall:

  • welcome, recruit, and track Members and Friends
  • orient visitors to the Congregation

    (iii)         follow up on non-participating Members

    (iv)         report any changes in membership status to the Secretary of the Board

    (v)         help visitors and new Members become more connected by referring them to committees and activities

    (vi)         coordinate new member joining ceremonies with appropriate committees and the Minister