Members of the Personnel Committee are appointed by the Board in consultation with the Leadership Development Committee (LDC). The five to six members of this group serve staggered three-year terms and are charged with recommending to the Board the best and most qualified candidates for employment at the UUCC. Congregation members with experience in personnel and employee relations who have an interest in serving are encouraged to share their intent with members of the LDC.

Revised as of June 7, 2015
(k) Personnel Committee–
The Personnel Committee shall consist of the Chair and four or five Members serving staggered threeyear terms. All members shall be appointed by the Board in consultation with the Leadership Development Committee. Experience in
personnel matters or prior service on a personnel committee is preferred. The PersonnelCommittee shall:
(i)  maintain an up-to-date Staff Handbook
(ii)  provide job descriptions to job candidates
(iii)  facilitate confidential background checks on candidates
(iv)  develop and submit to the Finance Committee compensation and benefitrecommendations for all staff other than the Minister
(v)  promote educational and training opportunities for staff