Compassion Provides a Sanctuary

As we continue with the focus of compassion, we take time to reflect upon sanctuary congregations. For decades, the US economy has unofficially welcomed and depended upon immigrants to assist it toward prosperous growth. Simultaneously, there have been woefully inadequate paths to legal documentation or citizenship for these individuals. There are currently around 8 million undocumented workers helping the US to maintain its infrastructure, and two-thirds of these workers have lived in the US for more than ten years. They have established lives and families and become integral to the communities we share.
As a people of conscience, we stand against unjust policies that needlessly harm and cruelly separate families, neighbors, and friends. We lean into our UU belief that all people possess dignity and worth. We approach all people from a place of compassion rather than a fear of scarcity in recognizing we belong to each other and there is indeed enough.