Speaker: Rev. Michelle Robinson

Michelle Robinson is the Manager of the Spiritual Care and Education Department at Prisma Health in Columbia, South Carolina. She educates chaplain students as a Certified Educator and chairs the Ethics Committee for the Midlands of Prisma Health. Michelle earned a Master of Divinity in 2009 and became a Certified Educator in 2018. She pastored the Clayton Memorial Unitarian Universalist congregation for more than 5 years. Michelle enjoys spending time with her family, musical theatre, the outdoors, a good fiction and all things connected to mythology.

Lessons from my Daughters

Usually when I share a sermon during Women’s History Month, I look back to our ancestors to elevate awareness, express gratitude, and empower people toward equality. In this sermon, I look to our future by sharing lessons I’ve learned as a woman and mother from raising three daughters.

Compassion Provides a Sanctuary

As we continue with the focus of compassion, we take time to reflect upon sanctuary congregations. For decades, the US economy has unofficially welcomed and depended upon immigrants to assist it toward prosperous growth. Simultaneously, there have been woefully inadequate paths to legal documentation or citizenship for these individuals. There are currently around 8 million … Continue reading Compassion Provides a Sanctuary

Nurturing Liberation

Rev. Michelle Robinson, minister at Clayton Memorial UInitarian Universalist Church, will be our guest preacher as we focus on human rights and liberation, particularly for women around the world. This worship service will be in conjunction with our “Guest at Your Table” promotion, a fundraiser for the UUSC. Select the Play button for an audio … Continue reading Nurturing Liberation