Speaker: Anahaat Planet

Nicki “Anahata” Musick is a yoga teacher and healing arts practitioner of many years specializing in Kundalini Yoga and Meditation. Her yoga path greatly emphasizes sacred sound and as a vocalist she found a soulful connection with yoga and music. Eventually she teamed up with “ Anahaat Planet”, musical friends sharing a common vision for creating meditative and spiritually focused music. Anahaat Planet collects world traditional mantras and chants, English sing alongs and incorporates original instrumental composition, poetry and instrumental improvisation. Anahaat Planet band members include: Nicki Anahata Musick (vocals, acoustic guitar, gong) James Wallace (bass and shirdi), LG (keyboards), and Jeanne Garane (mandolin and violin) anahat@yogaandwellness.com

Sacred Soundscapes

Anahaat Planet will introduce some of the essentials of sound art and science as it relates to the human mind and body. You will have opportunities to engage by singing along or enjoying the meditative practice of listening!