Speaker: Jessica Kross

Jessica Kross is a longtime member of the UUCC and has held nearly every role the congregation has to offer. She is an emeritus faculty member at USC’s Department of History, earned her B.A. at Brandeis University, and her Ph.D. from the University of Michigan.

Her career has featured teaching history with special interests in social and cultural history, religion, gender, and leisure. She is renown for teaching the US history survey course, Colonial America, Everyday Life in Colonial America, and graduate courses including Religion and Gender in Anglo-America. Her publications include: The Evolution of An American Town: Newtown, New York, 1642-1775, and the edited volume American Eras: The Colonial Era, 1600-1754.

Dr. Kross has been practicing Buddhist meditation for 31 years.

The Eight Worldly Conditions

The Buddha’s Eight Worldly Conditions are:  gain and loss, fame and disrepute, praise and blame, pleasure and pain.  Each can be a vehicle for us to examine our dissatisfactions.

Buddhism’s Three Conditions of Existence

The Buddha taught that his purpose was to alleviate suffering–to give ordinary people the tools they would need to lead compassionate, peaceful, useful lives.  Among those tools was a clear-eyed recognition that we must understand impermanence, dissatisfaction, and the absence of an solid self.

Buddhist Notion of Sangha

“Buddhist Notion of Sangha”. Buddhism is built on the foundation of the Buddha, our ability to see things as they really are; the Dharma, variously the truth or the law; and the Sangha, the community. Dr. Kross will discuss these three.

About Dr. Jessica Kross:

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