Speaker: Josh Carpenter Costner

Josh grew up near Savannah, GA surrounded by many animals–dogs, cats, chickens, goats, horses, ponies, ducks, cows, and bunnies–and he obtained a great respect and love for all of them. He has rescued cats, dogs, bunnies, and birds for years; and finally they adopted their amazing pot belly pig, Oliver, 8 years ago. Shortly thereafter, they rescued their second piggy, Winston! The pigs have changed their lives forever and so began the journey of rescuing pigs in need!
Josh learned about Cotton Branch Farm Animal Sanctuary when Jan, the founder, offered to take in an abandoned pig languishing away in a dog kennel at a near-by animal control shelter. As the parent, at the time, of two pot belly pigs, a friend had alerted me of this poor abandoned piggy. Josh reached out to rescues and animal lovers through social media; Jan saw the cry for help and immediately offered to take this lonely soul. Louise, the pig in animal control, changed Josh’s life and introduced him to Jan and all the wonderful animals at Cotton Branch Farm Sanctuary.
He and his husband, Evan, began volunteering and fundraising for the cause they truly believed in and, eventually, joined the board of directors at Cotton Branch. In October, 2016, they were unanimously voted in as part of the succession plan for Jan’s retirement. They moved to the sanctuary in May, 2017; Josh now serves as President, and Evan as the non profit’s Executive Director.
In his paying job, Josh owns a salon studio in Charlotte, NC, where he spends two long days of his time with the other five days at Cotton Branch.

The Language of Love

Through a lifetime of living with animals of all types, I have learned we share the common love languages. I will be discussing what those love languages are, and how we all use them. I hope all walk away challenged to see the similar desires, needs, and lives both human and non-human animals share, along … Continue reading The Language of Love