Speaker: Mia McLeod

State Senator Mia McLeod is a member of the South Carolina State Senate, serving since 2017. She previously served in the South Carolina State House from 2011-2016. An attorney and communications consultant, she has criticized what she describes as the “old guard” of South Carolina,
Mia is a product of our state’s public school system along the infamous “Corridor of Shame”, she has dedicated her life to creating a better educational system.
With the love, support, and guidance of her parents, Mia was able to get a quality education… something she believes every child deserves, regardless of where they happen to live or the resources their families may or may not have.
McLeod is married to Tracy Garrick. They have two children, Brian “BJ”, and Cameron, both graduates of Ridgeview HS. Both children went on to play college football.