Speaker: Patrice Gaines

Patrice Gaines, a veteran journalist and author of two books, has written for numerous magazines and newspapers and was a regular commentator for NPR. She is a member of Allison Creek Presbyterian Church in York, SC, where she serves on the Session (the church’s governing body). She attended Union Presbyterian Seminary in Charlotte and is a justice advocate, who teaches and volunteers at the Charlotte Mecklenburg Jail. She lives in Lake Wylie, SC

When You Are a Bridge

Service suspended due to Coronavirus Pandemic.

One day while questioning the Divine that she calls “God,” Patrice heard a voice tell her, “Patrice, you are a bridge.” It was part of the answer she was seeking at the time. She didn’t know exactly what it meant … read more.

Turning a Burden into a Gift

Patrice has lived a life that once filled her with shame and guilt. But as she grew spiritually, she discovered there was no need for shame or guilt and that in fact her mistakes became gifts when she shared them with others to encourage and … read more.

Finding Peace in an Imperfect World

This talk is based on the Japanese aesthetic called Wabi Sabi, a world view centered on seeing beauty in what is imperfect, impermanent and incomplete. In this talk we explore how to use this philosophy to experience peace in our own lives.