Speaker: Peter Kandis

I am one of two lay leaders on our UUA’s Religious Educators Credentialing Committee, Chair of the Commission on Appraisal, and Corporate Secretary of The Moutain. I have just completed a second course in spiritual companionship.

I’m married to Ann Harrison, a fifth-generation UU and credentialed religious educator. We live together with our cat, Ms. Kitty and my brother, Nick on Hilton Head Island where I am the Pickleball Ambassador.

Religious Humanism

40,000 years ago, our Cro-Magnon ancestors drove the Neanderthals to extinction. Working together in groups Cro-Magnon destroyed the bigger, stronger, and more solitary Neanderthals. Having mastered groups, the individual moved closer to the center of things. There became an emphasis on direct experience and reason rather than hierarchal authority. The emphasis on direct experience and … Continue reading Religious Humanism