Speaker: Rev. Pat Jobe

Pat Jobe served the Greenville Unitarian Universalist Fellowship and Tanner’s Grove United Methodist Church. He has been active in pulpit ministry for 21 years. He’s been an award-winning newspaper editor, advocate for victims of domestic violence, an industrial salesman, and a pizza delivery guy. He’s written six books and did Radio Free Bubba for WNCW for 17 years. His sixth book, Heart On Wheels: Amazin’ Stories From The Life Of Tommy Hicks has won acclaim as a tribute to an overcomer and classic hero story. He hosted The Connection Independent Television in Charleston for 15 episodes. He has six children, and two grandchildren. He has been arrested twice in Columbia protesting the refusal of the South Carolina General Assembly to accept expanded Medicaid funding. He says, “If you don’t think creating a more humane world is a worthy goal, try having grandchildren.” When John Prine died on April 7 of this year, he received over 40 messages of condolences and was thrilled to be associated with the great singer songwriter.

An Overarching Field Of Love

Maybe St. Patrick didn’t drive the snakes out of Ireland, but the meanings of certain words have inspired Rev. Jobe to look at myth and magic and maybe take us to a place outside ourselves to a place of transcendence. Saints be praised!

Cornbread Communion

On this Sunday, we will host our annual Cornbread Communion, a tradition in our congregation where we express our appreciation and gratitude for our community, our tremendous abundance, and our freedom.