Speaker: Rev. Zsolt Solymosi

Rev. Zsolt Solymosi is a Unitarian minister in Transylvania, Romania, who has been serving from 19 years the Beszterce Unitarian Congregation, partnered with UUCC, and living in the second largest city in Romania, Cluj-Napoca, where he is a vice-principal and teacher at the János Zsigmond Unitarian Highscool, one of the oldest academic school institutions in Eastern Europe, and actually one of the best-rated schools in the country.

Zsolt is very involved in organizing extra-curricular activities for the students, such as bike expeditions, study visits to Holocaust memorial sites, international student-exchange programs and choir tours.

He encourages volunteer and social justice work in his community, in recent period organizing fundraising, shelter- and study-support for the Ukrainian refugees living in the city, and he also coordinated a large humanitarian aid transport for the Turkish-Syrian earthquake survivors.

In 2018, he received the Pro Cultura Hungarica award for the unique way of organizing bike expeditions that open the mind and heart of the future generations, and recently in 2023 he was awarded with the Gold Cross Merit of the Hungarian Republic for his teaching work.

Connecting with Transylvania

Rev. Zsolt Solymosi is the minister of the Unitarian Church in Beszterce, Romania, our partner church. This service will include participation by the UUCC Partner Church Committee along with Zsolt and his congregation.