Speaker: Richard McLeod

Richard McLeod has been a member of UUCC since 2013. He was born in downtown Columbia, raised a Baptist and a Seventh-day Adventist, but gave up organized religion about halfway through college in Tennessee. His doctoral degree from THE USC is in education, specifically curriculum and instruction. His career as an educator was mostly spent as a public school administrator until he retired in 2004. His hobbies are studying family genealogy, making home movies, performing as a keyboard musician, and traveling the world with his wife, Linda.

We Are Easter People

As individuals and as a church, we can all use an Easter every now and then. At UUCC we are Easter people, rising from whatever darkness that befalls us, conquering whatever adversity that confronts us, and creating a sunny day from whatever storm that may … read more.

The Boy in the Mirror

Since this is the first Sunday of the New Year, I thought this might be an appropriate as well as traditional time to have a look at ourselves. As individuals and as a congregation where we are, how we got here, and where we’re going … read more.

Talk to the Animals

Somehow animals, insects, and all sorts of life forms seem to have senses and skills we don’t. So are we really the dominant species?

My Brother’s Keeper

Keeping My Brother

Richard McLeod

Unforgettable Character

Probably the most unforgettable character of my high school years was my principal, Professor Lewis E. Nestell. He was simultaneously loved and feared by all. I was called into his office on more than one occasion to explain something I shouldn’t … read more.