Speaker: William Epes M.Div.

Wm. Epes, a lifelong UU and 2017 graduate of Meadville Lombard Theological School, spiritually counseled a young man in pre-trial detention from 2017-19. His client is now serving time at Broad River Correctional Institution. Bill served his community internship at Metanoia in North Charleston and a student internship at Unitarian Church in Charleston, where he continues as a member. He is also a new member of Charleston’s Circular Congregational Church (UCC). Bill identifies as a religious naturalist, and pursues callings to interfaith ministries of poetry, justice, and environmental restoration.

Padlock on the School of Hard Knocks

Fresh from a coronavirus lockdown, can we feel new compassion for incarcerated men, women, and children? Which root causes for arrest, detention, and lockup can be removed? A hopeful, spiritual consideration of fear, folly, and policy challenging UU values of freedom, worth, and dignity.